VDK Law Enforcement

Are you looking to institute a Police K9 program? Are you seeking your next Dual Purpose dog. Whatever the demand, Von Der King Law Enforcement can meet it. With today’s high demands on Law Enforcement Officers, you need the best K9 possible.

Police K9s are one of the most versatile tools a Peace Officer can possess. From searching areas we cannot see, finding Narcotics/Explosives we cannot smell, and locating people we cannot find, K9′s can. There is little doubt that a properly selected, trained, and deployed K9 can have a DIRECT impact on reducing crime in your jurisdiction.

Here at Von Der King, our Police K9s (Green – Fully Trained) are European Import or stem from our breeding program. ALL K9s in consideration from our breeding stock are from Import Working Lines only!

All Sire’s and Dams are worked, titled, proven, health checked, and on site for viewing and demonstrations. ANY dog that is not from our stock is either imported, or from working lines and posses the proper drives and motivations to serve as a Police K9.

All K9s in consideration are Green Dogs unless otherwise specified. Some K9s will receive training in the disciplines listed below. Here are Von Der King we are able to custom tailor your K9s training, from started Green Dog, to finished Dual Purpose K9 ready to certify.

Available Green Dogs

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  • Tactical Obedience

  • Tactical Tracking

  • Evidence Recovery

  • Criminal Apprehension

  • Narcotics Detection

  • Explosives Detection

  • Area Search

  • Felony Traffic Stop

  • Tactical Building Search

  • Handler Protection

  • Hospital Security K9

  • Handler Courses

  • Decoy Courses