Remote Trainers

E Collar Tech Dealer ImageE-Collar Technologies Inc. is a group of experienced e-collar people, the top dog, Greg Van Curen was the co-founder and President of Innotek, Inc. in the 90’s, his insight into the e-collar business has brought many innovations over the years.  Kim Westrick, Innotek’s first employee, is leading up the sales and customer service side of the business.   E-Collar Technologies Inc. are the innovators of using low level stimulation to condition dogs to obey without the use of high levels of corrective stimulus often used by our Asian competitors.  Their products are specifically designed to give you exact control of the stimulation level. E-Collar Technologies Inc. proprietary stimulation circuitry, which mimics the scruff on the neck by an upset puppy mother, has been proven to improve the effectiveness and reduce stress on the dog and owner during training exercises.

E-Collar Technologies Inc. is driven by their mission to provide the best product at the best price using Americans workers to assemble and test their products in the original Innotek building with a long term goal of doing all our manufacturing in the USA.  By purchasing from us you are helping Americans get back to work and we thank you for your business.

Key Features of the Transmitter/Remote

I’ll have to admit when I first saw this new, rounded style transmitter (remote) I wasn’t very excited.  However, after taking one out of the box and holding it in my hand I gained a new respect. The ergonomic, user-friendly, stop-watch design fits perfectly in your hand with the buttons right at your fingertips.

Perfectly timed corrections

E-Collars are extremelly effective in training dogs because dogs associate the correction with their behavior. Educator collars have the most reliable and fastest wireless link in the industry. When you push a button on the Educator remote, the receiver-collar responds instantly and sends a precise correction (vibration / static) to your pet at the exact time when it’s needed.  The less expensive models that can be purchase at big box stores such as PetSmart, are known for unreliable communication between the remote and collar, which ends up confusing the dog and creating counterproductive results.

100 levels of Stimulation

Not all dogs are created equal. Like people, dogs have different levels of sensitivity. When using static stimulation it’s important to be able to find the precise level that will get your dog’s attention, but won’t cause the dog to vocalize discomfort. Nearly all remote training collars have between 7 and 20 levels of stimulation with wide jumps between levels that can make it difficult to find the correct setting for your dog. The Educator collar has 100 levels of static stimulation, offering a very gradual increase that allows you to perfectly fine tune the level of correction to your dog’s specific temperament.

Patented COS (Control Of Stimulation)

Educator collars utilizes more advanced technologies than any other manufacturer of dog training collars on the market. Rather than relying on out-dated circuit technology like other manufacturers, E-Collar Technologies has developed and patented the new COS (control of stimulation) technology. Coupled with 100 levels of stimulation, COS technology provides the owner the ability to incrementally adjust to the correct stimulation for dogs of any temperament or size. Every Educator collar now comes with COS technology, so whether your dog requires nothing more than a slight nudge, or something a bit stronger, you’ll be able to pinpoint the stimulation level necessary to correct your dog.

Wide Pulse Stimulation

Wide Pulse StimulationAnother breakthrough for E-Collar Technologies, the Educator collar uses a new, proprietary “Wide Pulse Stimulation”. Wide Pulse delivers a harmless, medical grade, static stimulation rather than the sharp pulse stimulation used in other e-collars brands that can cause head jerking.  Wide Pulse Stimulation utilizes the same technology chiropractors and physical therapists use to excite muscles to reflex. This is also the technology used in the abdominal muscle toning machines advertised on TV. Wide Pulse stimulation represents a safer and more effective development in e-collar technology. With Wide Pulse, the Educator collars now offers an alternative to sharp pulse stimulation that penetrates deeper into the muscle of the dogs neck.

Lock & Set

Safety Feature Einstein Training CollarLock & Set is a great safety feature and one of my personal favorites because it allows you to save your settings by locking them in to the remote. When training your dog with a remote collar, the first thing you’ll need to find is two stimulation settings for your dogs temperament (low and high). The first one will be the lowest level of stimulation to which your dog responds. This is the Introductory Level that will be used to get your dog’s attention and reinforce commands that your dog already knows. After determining the precise level of static correction for your dog’s temperament, pressing down on the stimulation selector dial lets you Lock & Set that level into the transmitter.
Booster Setting

The Booster feature allows you to preset a second, higher level of stimulation for high distraction situations where your dog may suddenly bolt after a squirrel, cat, car or even the mailman. Once your dog is in hot pursuit, the introductory level may not be enough to take him out of drive and to stop him from potentially running into a busy road or other dangers.

The benefits of both the Lock & Set and the Booster features are that you’ll never have to take your eyes off your dog to change stimulation levels. With other brands/models its normal for trainers and owners to constantly be adjusting the stimulation level up and down which requires looking at the remote. When you need to act quickly it’s easy to panic and accidentally turn the level up too high, thus over-correcting your dog.  With the Lock & Set and Booster features that come standard with all Educator collars this is no longer a concern as everything is preset in advance so that you never have to look away from your pet or worry about inadvertently overly correcting.

Lock & Set – 2-Dog Option

Educator collar also come in 2-dog systems that allows you to preset a low and higher level for each dog (D1 and D2). As you can imagine, this features comes in especially handy with the 2-dog system where you would normally need to remember 4 stimulation settings (low and high for each dog) and which setting belongs to which dog. Educator collars solve this problem with a simple toggle between D1 and D2 each with their preset levels. This feature is something that we get asked for by customers almost every day, and is only available with Ecucator collars.

LCD Display and Indicator Light (LED Window)

The convenient backlit night blue LCD is great for low light situations and lets you know exactly what mode and stimulation level you are using. All Educator collars have a low battery indicator light on both the receiver-collar and the transmitter. As an added bonus, there is also an Indicator Light within this LED Window which will blink “Green” to let you know the system is on. When stimuli is applied it will quickly flicker “Red.”  Lastly, when the battery-life is running low it will blink “Red” when recharging is needed. You would be surprised at the number of systems that do not have these basic and useful features.

Night Tracking Light

When the transmitter is turned on, you can press this button for 0.5 seconds to remotely activate the Night Tracking Light on the receiver-collar. The tracking light on the collar is thus controlled remotely by the transmitter, which can be set to flash or stay lit continuously. This is great for locating your dog at night and insuring that your dog will be seen by cars and others as well.

Key Features of the Receiver-Collar
Educator receiver-collars are the most durable on the market and Shock Resistant to 5000 Gs making it practically indestructible.  Educator receiver-collars are also completely waterproof and submergible up to 500 feet. The collar straps are made of Biothane which will outperform and outlast products made with other materials, such as nylon, vinyl, leather or polyester.

Limited Life Warranty

The Einstein collar has one of the best warranties I have seen. The first two years both parts and labor are covered 100% (including the batteries!). After two years the Warranty covers the parts to repair the collar (excluding accessories and antennas); you only pay labor and shipping costs.  The Limited Lifetime Warranty expires 5 years from the date the model is discontinued by the manufacturer.

Educator collar Feature Summary

  • Blue LCD Display
  • 100 Levels of Correction
  • Lock and Set Feature
  • Momentary and Continuous Buttons
  • Vibration or Tone Warning Feature
  • Adjustable Booster Button (Patent Pending)
  • Low Battery Indicators on Transmitter & Receiver
  • Rechargeable Replaceable Batteries
  • Remote Night Tracking Light
  • Lost Transmitter Beeper
  • Waterproof / Floating Transmitter
  • Waterproof Receiver-collar and Remote to 500’
  • Shock Resistant to 5000 Gs
  • Durable Biothane™ Collar Strap
  • Short and Long Contact Points for Dogs with Longer Fur
  • Two Year Full Warranty (Batteries Covered)
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Batteries Exempt)
  • Made in the USA