Service Dog

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Are you looking to add a Service Dog to your life? Von Der King Kennels and Training can customize a training program to suit your unique and individual needs. Whether you are looking for a mobility, alert, PTSD, physical or emotional support dogs we can customize your program today.

  • PTSD NOTE: Research has shown that 1 in 8 soldiers returning from Afghanistan and Iraq will have some symptoms of PTSD. Often times these soldiers experiences feelings of anxiety, depression and detachment to every day life; making the return to civilian life extremely difficult.  Thankfully there have been some very positive findings with patients who receive a Service Dog! Current studies estimate that roughly 80% of patients assigned a Service Dog have had a decrease in symptoms, which also includes a significant decrease in need for medication.

All dogs in consideration will pass the Canine Good Citizen Certification test as part of their Basic Obedience standards set forth by VDK, along with receiving their individual/customized training required for your unique need(s).

Von Der King Kennels and Training will happy train an owner provided dog, assuming they posses the genetic components needed to receive this complex training. If you’re in need of a dog, we are happy to locate a your next Service Dog for you. There are an estimated five million dogs sitting in shelters across America and some of these dogs have the ability to make excellent Service Dogs! Thus we have started a program we call Shelter to Service™.  If your looking more of the purebred route, that is no problem either. VDK breeds some of the most genetically gifted Herders around, along with numerous connections around the country for various breeds and lines of dogs.

Pricing for this complex training varies and will be determined after an initial consultation.   Expenditures for this type of training can add up quick, due to the unique training your dog will receive with our skilled experienced trainers, training equipment/tools, facility overhead, community outreach, real world field trip training, handler education and more.



Sirius Lee Bio

Sirius Lee is certified to work with unstable children.  He works specifically with young boys ages 9-13 who have severe emotional/social disabilities that affect them physically; For example panic attacks that lead to fainting. These children have been through things that we can’t imagine and have not had success with “typical” therapy. Sirius gets to know them in their comfort zone and then gives them a “false sense of security” helping them work through their issues when dealing with public prior to the on set of puberty.  They have found that if the children have improved mental health regarding their safety prior to the on set of puberty then they have a much higher chance of leading a “normal” life. He is working with his 9th boy at this time. It’s amazing, the bond he develops with these boys is life altering for them and all Sirius does is be his playful self.  When Sirius started with the program three years ago they were at a 13% success rate.  Sirius has had 100% success with all of his boys so far, meaning they all met or exceeded the expectations of the therapist. His numbers alone brought the success rate of the program up over 30% which kept the program eligible for funding.  Lots of good things to come with this program.   We are currently putting together a “recipe for success” to have more protection dogs service certified to work with more children and save more futures.



Due to difficulty with mobility and balance, post back surgery, it was suggested that I look into a service dog to assist me with current and future limitations. After purchasing Nemoke as a puppy, we started service dog training with Von Der King Kennels and Training. Within 11 months Nemoke is not only attentive and follows me where ever I go, he has caught me from falling on several occasions including one time when I lost my balance during a training session. Being that Nemoke goes everywhere with me, assisting me with normal day to day activities most of us take for granted, it is a must that he be neutral and quiet in all situations, around all types of people and in all environments. Often times people are not even aware he is lying by my side, which is very important when we go out for a nice dinner. I would like to thank Nick and his staff at Von Der King kennels and training for the excellent work they have done for both myself and Nemoke. Their patience and explanation has guided me to work with Nemoke for a positive outcome. He is only 11 months old and I look forward to his companionship for years to come.

-Michele Rouleau



Recon has been trained to be my service dog, he has changed my life and I will be forever grateful! I am a disabled Army Veteran and Recon helps me in so many ways. The help he provides me on a daily basis feeling secure is priceless. Recon goes with me everywhere I go, from shopping, to dinning, to movies and even to Dr appointments. He helps me feel less anxious, more at ease, keeps me focused, keeps me feeling positive and most importantly he helps me navigate crowds of people. Crowds of people are hard for me, however Recon is always there helping me navigate and no to mention, he is a head turner, which in turn helps me. Recon is my Service Dog and I am Blessed! Thank you Von Der King Kennels and Training for not only breeding such a balanced dog, but providing him the training and skills he needs to keep me positive and moving forward.

– Shelly  Delmarter Rivera-Ortiz