Karma 2

UCD, UNJ, UWP, NC, PTA, NI, URO2, CH Von Der Kings No Need For Revenge FR Brevet

Here is a superstar in the making! Karma is a well built, heavy bone, athletic female that has it all. Karma has incredible ball, hunt, prey and fight drive! Pair her natural drives with genetic grips that keep pushing and pushing, I couldnt ask for more from this girl. Karma goes back to some very nice Van Leeuwen lines including Van Leeuwens Bor, Wibo van Leeuwen, Rocky van Leeuwen and Robbie van Leeuwen. Karma’s pedigree doesn’t stop their either, with dogs such as Tommy Luijken, Arras Pegge, Pecco Pegge, Leiru and Dana Von Kelterhof to name a few. Karma will be competing in French Ring Sport and may dable with some Mondio Ring!

UKC Top Ten Standings

  • 2013 – Karma was Ranked 8th in the Country!
  • 2014 – Karma was Ranked 5th in the Country!
  • 2015 – Karma was Ranked 3rd in the Country!

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