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Von Der King’s Rusty Knife FR2, CGC, URO2

2015 NARA Eastern Regional French Ring 2 Vice Champion

Cuervo is a Medium sized Belgian Malinois with great conformation and a broad head. Cuervo poses an intense yet balanced genetic drive base, with a serious civil side. Cuervo is resilient to correction from both decoy and handler alike. Pair that with a very strong sense of self worth and an independence aspect when working / trialing, in many respects Cuervo would make a better Police K9 than a sporty points dog. Despite the resilience and intense drives, Cuervo is still fairly bidabble.

Cuervo has produced Malinois with very high levels of possession with some dogs becoming a bit too much for the handler. His off spring tends to be intense and extremely smart, athletic and fairly biddable.

French Ring 2 Scores

2015 Eastern Regional FR2 Video

2015 NARA Eastern Regional FR2 Pictures

2015 NARA Championship Pictures

Cuervo is also a Narcotics Detection Dog for VDK and has done multiple searches and demos for High School and College classes.


Von Der King is VERY proud to have a Cuervo son named “Dooley” featured in the March/April 2014 Issues of the nationally published Police K9 Magazine!

Police K9 Front Cover - Cuervo Edition

Police K9 Page 1 - Cuervo Edition

Police K9 Page 2 - Cuervo Edition

Police K9 Page 3 - Cuervo Edition