“O” Litter

Blitz x Twixx x Bane

It’s official! We are doing a dual sire breeding between Blitz x Twixx and Bane x Twixx!

“Since this may be one of Twixx’s last litters; we decided to use both Bane and Blitz. What that means is that a litter of 12, for example, will (hopefully) be split between the two males (6 for one 6 for the other). The puppies will have their DNA sent off to a lab so their parentage is known. Puppies will also still come with UKC registration.” – Original Post Text


BLITZ is a large, happy go lucky male with a very stable and social temperament. Very easy to handle, but a bit on the sensitive side. He is linebred on Arras Pegge and is a grandson of the famous FR3 Mexican Champion Leiru. Blitz has his UKC Championship along with the first leg of his FR1 and several SDA titles.

OFA Hips/Fair Elbows/Normal

BANE is a lean and athletic male with a very serious side. He’s socially stable but is always looking for a fight. He is a working machine and would love to spend every minute of the day doing so. Despite this, he is actually a very good house dog for us. Bane is a Bor van Leeuwen son from our 2013 breeding with Diva. He has his UKC Championship as well as an IPO BH and will steadily be trialing in IPO. He is also a demo dog for our K9 program and possesses the same skill sets that we train for our police dogs, including an awesome nose for narcotics detection. Videos available on request.

OFA Hips/Good Elbows/Normal

TWIXX has a very distinguished pedigree; however she is more than a lineage to look at. Twixx has awesome drive and work ethic. She is environmentally stable, social with people and easy to live with. Twixx has a deep pushing full mouth grip, loves to play with the ball, can take enormous amounts of pressure, work in a fight drive; then can come down and be social with people again.

OFA Hips/Excellent Elbows/Normal

DNA Results!


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