Our Health Guarantee

OFA Health Tested

Here an is excerpt of our Health Guarantee from our extensive Puppy Contract

For More information or to receive a word doc of our complete contract please email vonderking@gmail.com

 Health at Time of Purchase

  • The Seller guarantees the Dog to be in good health and of sound temperament at the time it leaves.
  • The Purchaser agrees to take the Dog to a licensed veterinarian of his/her choice within 4 days of receipt for a health check.
  • The Dog is guaranteed to be free of major communicable diseases (i.e. distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis) for a period of ten (10) days from the date of sale.

Hips and Elbows

  • The Dog is warranted to test free of genetic health defects, including hip and elbow dysplasia, until the age of thirty (36) months.
  • For the purpose of evaluation for hip and elbow dysplasia, the Purchaser agrees to submit hip and elbow x-ray films showing proper positioning and meeting accepted standards to an internationally recognized certification organization such as OFA, OVC, or German SV once the Dog is old enough to be eligible for certification. (Note: different organizations have different minimum age requirements.) This evaluation is done at the Purchaser’s expense. The opinion of a veterinarian and preliminary evaluations, such as are provided by OFA for dogs under 2 years old, are not acceptable as proof of a defect.
  •  Should the Dog be proven to have dysplasia or another genetic health defect covered under this Limited Warranty, the Purchaser and Seller will agree upon one of the following remedies:
  • Receive a replacement Puppy of equal or greater value from a future litter of the same breed, however not necessarily from the same breeding.
  • Receive a credit (if applicable) towards a replacement Puppy of equal or greater value from a future litter of another breed.

Genetic Defects

  • Seller guarantees the Dog to be free from specific genetic defects. These defects are as follows:
    • Non Standing Ears
    • Missing Testicle
    • Bite Related (extreme overshot, extreme under shot and extreme wry mouth)
    • Hip and Elbow
    • Rare Genetic Disease (reviewed on an individual case basis)


  • Should the Purchaser suspect the Dog possesses any health-related problems stated above and covered under this Limited Warranty, the Seller must be notified immediately.
  • The Purchaser agrees to feed a premium puppy food for the first 6 months of life, and then a quality adult food.  If you are not sure as to a food’s quality please email me! Proof of purchase may also be required if integrity is in question.

Note: Our Puppy Contract is ever evolving. Information on the page me be out of date and is subject to change.


Puppy Health Information

Annual Examinations

  • Annual physical examinations are recommended to allow early diagnosis of disease conditions. Any questions you have concerning your dogs health can be discussed with Von Der King Kennels and Training; along with your health care provider.

Worms and Worming

  • Intestinal parasites can be a problem in both young and mature dogs. While we provide the utmost in quality care and deworming, it is difficult to raise puppies free of worms. We recommend that a fecal sample be checked for evidence of worms as soon as you obtain your new dog. As your dog ages, fecal samples should be checked yearly.


  • Heartworm is a serious disease affecting dogs, which is transmitted via mosquitoes. All dogs should have a blood sample check for heartworm. Because of the widespread incidence of heartworm in the area, we recommend that heartworm preventative medication be administered early spring to late fall.

Canine Vaccinations

  • The most common communicable diseases affecting dogs are Distemper, Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parainfluenza, Rabies, Parvovirus, Bordetella and Coronavirus. In almost all cases, these diseases can be prevented by following a planned vaccination program. Vacinations are of little value when an animal is already ill from disease. Our puppies are given their first set of vaccinations at 8 weeks of age and vaccinations should be given every 4 weeks until 16 weeks of age. It is important to remember when the puppy receives the vaccine his/her immune system is slightly stressed in order to build immunity. Please refrain from heavy outside socialization and interaction with other dogs after the vaccine is given.
    • Rabies infects all warm blooded animals including man. Rabies attacks the central nervous system, causing death. Rabies vaccines are given around 4 months of age. This is followed by a booster in one year. Subsequent boosters are given at 3 year intervals as required by Michigan Law. Please check your state laws regarding Rabies.
    • Distemper is a widespread, highly contagious disease. Symptoms include comiting, diarhea, high fever, nasal discharge, coughing and convulstions. Distemper often results in death and survivors are usually impaired for life.
    • Hepatitis may vary from a disease that is so mild it may not even be diagnosed, to one that is fatal. Hepatititis affects the liver, kidneys and lungs.
    • Leptospirosis causes kidney and liver damage. This disease may also be transmitted to man.
    • Parainfluenza is an important virus in “kennel cough” complex.
    • Parvovirus is a type of viral enteritis. This diseases is highly contagious and can be fatal. Symptoms may include sever depression, vomiting and diarrhea.
    • Coronavirs is an intestinal virus very similar to Parvovirus. Symptoms are the same as Parvovirus.
    • Bordetella is a type of very contagious “Kennel Cough.” A nasal vaccine is used for this virus. Many kennels require vaccinations for bordetella before boarding or grooming your dog.