Meet w Background

Here at Von Der King, we believe proper nutrition is vital in every aspect of K9 rearing, development, and maintenance. We treat every one of our K9s like finely tuned athletes! Our feeding regimen consists of a multitude of farm fresh, human grade, poultry, beef and venison products. Along with quality dog foods that use the freshest ingredients to produce biologically appropriate diets that promote optimal health.

Please visit Dog Food Adviser for up to date and trusted information. 


Von Der King Nutritional Information:

Vitamins – Fish Oil 1400mg, E 400i.u., C 500mg, Missing Link, Multi-vitamin.

Farm Fresh Foods – Raw Chicken (Bone Included), Eggs, Raw Wild Venison (Bone Included), Beef Products

Quality Dog Foods – Orijen, Acana, Wellness, Taste of The Wild, EVO, Artemis, Fromm, Innova, Merrick, Pioneer, Simply Nurish, Zignature and more!

Please Note: We feed a variety of foods to ensure a balanced diet. Some foods will work better for certain breeds and certain dogs. The type of food, protein content, and supplements will change based on the age level of the dog and the nutritional needs of that particular canine.