Narcotics Detection

Detection Training Services

Von Der King Kennels and Training specializes in target odor detection. Our advanced system of teaching your dog to find specific target odors (Narcotics) will not only increase your percent of successful finds, but will also reduce the liability to your department or private sector security company. Our L-RAP Odor Training System™ was created by us after extensive hours of research and development.  The modern approach our L-RAP Odor Training System™ brings will guarantee you successful finds on the street and bullet proof training logs for the courtroom.


  • Single Purpose Drug Detection Dog $7,500.00
  • Drug Detection Training for handler provided dog $6,500.00
  • Yearly Training at VDK $300 Odor Use Fee plus regular Training Fees

Note: Pricing subject to change, based on quality of dog provided, specialized detection environment and any other extenuating circumstance.


Discreet Narcotics Detection Dogs

Here at Von Der King we provide a confidential drug detection program for residential and commercial properties. Our narcotics detection dogs can and will discretly perform drug detection inspections at your local business or residence. Our dogs are trained to locate the odor of several drugs that include, but are not limited to: Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, MD/MA, and Methamphetamine. This enables those that have concerns about the presence of drugs to deal with the matter accordingly.

For Your Home

With the increasing exposure to drugs that teens experience today, it is vital for parents to play a proactive role in their sons or daughters life. We provide a discrete, safe, and quick way to make sure that your loved ones are on the right track. This drug detection service can alert parents to a potential life-threatening problem or provide piece of mind. In the event of a positive alert, we will mark the area of interest and let you decide the next course of action, as both the visit and outcome are totally confidential.

$55.00 per hour – Traveling Expenses will apply.

For Your Business

Narcotics detection is an essential tool for keeping your business safe and productive. Drugs can impair the entire work environment costing you time, money and credibility. With the potential loss of clients, employees, capital, and most importantly reputation, screening your office is a necessity. In the event of a positive alert, we will mark the area of interest and let you decide the next step, as both the visit and outcome are totally confidential.

$180/Hr First K9 Team – $100/Hr per team thereafter.  *Traveling Expenses may will apply.*

For Your School

Detection dogs can be a valuable asset to public and private education. A safe productive learning environment is essential for tomorrow’s work force. With the ability to detect a full line of narcotics as well as other contraband, you can feel assured that your school and school trips are as safe as possible.

$180/Hr First K9 Team – $100/Hr per team thereafter.  *Traveling Expenses may will apply.*

For The Traveling Executive

Going out of the country for a while? Make sure your preferred method of travel is safe and secure, keeping your overseas interests as priority one. Whether you are departing in 2 hours or next month, give Von Der King a call and let us put your mind at ease.

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Note: Pricing subject to change.