K9 Detection Sports

April 2014 Nosework Graduates

Nicholas King is a UCK Noseswork Judge CO-7165

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K9 Nose-Work is the newest and fastest growing competitive dog sport! This fun and challenging scent detection program encourages dogs to develop their natural scent-directed hunt drive. Owners and K9s are able to learn and practice scent detection similar to Law Enforcement and Military Working Dogs. Your K9 will learn to harness his natural hunt drive abilities and learn to detect target odors of Birch, Anise, Vetiver, Myrrh and Clove. These Odors will be hidden in containers, vehicles, interior spaces and outdoor spaces. Handlers will learn how to observe their K9 and learn how to recognize change in behavior as their dog searches for and finds the target odor.

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No prerequisites required for this class; any age dog can start.

Dogs NEED to be Hungry at these classes. DO NOT feed before class.  Ball Drive is desired, however not required.

Level 1 – An Intro to Nose work!  In this class k9s will learn to detect the target odors and learn a Passive Response as an indication.

Class Runs 6 weeks and Costs $109.00

Level 2 – The Wall! In this class handlers and k9s will learn searching patterns and points of interest in an enclosed environment.

Class Runs 6 weeks and Costs $109.00

Level 3 – Exterior and Vehicles! In this class handlers and K9s will learn to search Exterior areas and Vehicles!

Class Runs 6 weeks and Costs $109.00

Level 4 – The real world! This class will be held at Tractor Supply! We will be hiding odor in real world areas with lots of distractions!

Class Runs 6 weeks and Costs $109.00