Training Seminars

Precision Competition Obedience

  • Engagement
  • Luring
  • Delivery Methods and Placements
  • Rear End Awareness
  • Focused Heel
  • Forward, Backward and Lateral Moving


Remote Collar Use and Application

This Seminar-Workshop provides essential information in regards to function and use of the remote collar. This Seminar-Workshop is designed for dogs of all skill sets, disciplines and handlers of all levels.

  • History of the E Collar
  • Marker System
  • Operant Conditioning 
  • What is an E Collar
  • Equipment Brands and Set ups
  • E Collar Applications
  • Superstitious Behaviors and Myths
  • Desensitizing
  • Collar Sensitivity
  • Pairing Corrections
  • Discipline Specific Applications

*Note: Many dogs in our modern society have developed sensitivity to nickel which is a metal in all stainless steel products. Keep a watchful eye on your dogs skin where the contact points are touching his/her skin for redness or any signs of irritation. This should be done hourly at first and slowly transition to once every four hours after a month of daily wearing of the e-collar. At first notice of redness immediately switch to one of our hypo allergenic contact points, we offer both nickel free stainless steel and titanium contact points. Dogs with sensitive skin and certain breeds with known skin sensitivities like Pit Bull Terriers and Boxers should be switched early in the process as a precautionary move.


 L-RAP Odor Training System™


Von Der King Kennels and Training specializes in target odor detection. Our advanced system of teaching your dog to find specific target odors, will not only increase your percent of successful finds, but will also reduce the liability to your department or private sector security company. Our L-RAP Odor Training System™ was created by us after extensive hours of research and development.  The modern approach our L-RAP Odor Training System™ brings will guarantee you successful finds on the street and bullet proof training logs for the courtroom.

  • Narcotics Detection
  • Explosives Detection
  • Currency Detection
  • Bed Bug Detection
  • Target Odor Detection



Nicholas King is a UCK Noseswork Judge CO-7165


Learn about this exciting new sport from Judge Nicholas King. Nick will deliver a fun and exciting seminar full of detailed information on how to better your odor detection program. Nick will introduce you to his custom LRAP Odor Training System™ and customize your seminar to you and your clubs needs!

  • Building Odor Recognition
  • Incorporating a Marker System
  • Toy Drive / Food Drive Rewards
  • Eliminating Handler Ques
  • Teaching Searching Patterns
  • How to Pinpoint Odor
  • Finals Response(s)
  • Working Distractions
  • How to use Remote Delivery Devices


Police, Military, Sport and Personal Protection Decoy Workshop

(Decoy Workshop Part 1)

This VDK Seminar Workshop is designed for the green decoy to the seasoned one. Our course will cover multiple topics leaving you, your team, your club, your venue with the ability to improve your dogs skills every training session. This course will introduce the student to all areas of decoy work and expanded upon previous skills learned. From the proper way to administer an exposed sleeve bite (upper and lower body), to absorbing during impact while wearing a suit. This course will also cover Targets of Opportunity and piratical applications of such.

**This course is also recommended to K9 Handlers both green and seasoned.**

Areas of Instruction

  • Prey/Hunt/Defense/Fight (Drives)
  • Proper Training Gear for K9
  • Proper Training Gear for Decoy
  • K9 Gripping
  • Targets of Opportunity
  • Absorption Techniques
  • Exposed Sleeve: Ambidextrous vs Hardarm
  • Body Bite Suit
  • Hidden Sleeve
  • Muzzle Fighting
  • Recognizing Handler Conflict Issues
  • Working with Tactical Teams (LEO only)


 Bite Development, Targeting, Engagement, Aggression Training and Control

(Decoy Workshop Part 2)

This course is designed for the handler and K9 alike. This course will help you cultivate and expanded the skill sets you and your partner need for the street.  Our course will cover a multitude of topics from targeting, engagement, aggression, control and scenario/K9 application.

This course description is under construction. More Info Coming Soon!