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Khalid and Jameel

Von Der King School for Dog Trainers Goes Global! – Click HERE for Video

Here is an awesome news interview a local news station in Saudi Arabia did on a couple of our recent graduates! Congratulations to Jameel Al Amoudi and Khalid Sa on their instant and continued success! Note video is in Arabic, however the interview and news clips speak for louder than words! VDK Applicable video starts around 11 minutes in.


The VDK School for Dog Trainers provides students the most comprehensive dog training education around, providing you the ability and skill set to not only train a dog, but run a successful business. Whether you have had prior experience in dog training or want to learn an exciting new career path, our school is for you. Imagine the possibilities, to have the ability, to train anything from Basic Obedience, to Advanced Obedience, High Level Dog Sport, Behavior Modification, Kennel Management, Agility, Biting Sports/Protection, Scent Detection, Tracking, Assistance Work, Police K9 and more!

Our Courses are designed to encompass more and cost less! Other popular schools promote canine training specialist courses in as little as 12 weeks at a cost of almost $10,000.00 Here are VDK School for Dog Trainers, we realize this is not realistic. Learning to train dogs to an extremely high and successful level takes time. Dog training, in itself, is a process. Student learning is no different, thus our courses are designed to provide a more comprehensive approach, at a competitive pricing structure.

While attending the VDK School for Dog Trainers, you will learn our balanced approach to dog training through a series of lectures, demonstrations and extensive hands on training with a multitude of breeds, ages; temperaments. Through this comprehensive education, you will learn a variety of dog training theories, styles and techniques, giving you the ability to problem solve and apply an effective training approach. More so, you will have the ability to change that training approach on the fly, depending on the situation or the in the moment behavior a dog may present.

In addition to learning the proper ways and techniques to train a dog, students will learn customer relations. Students will gain the ability to explain to customers what they are doing, and most importantly, WHY, they are doing it. We don’t stop a customer relations in regards to behavior modification either, students will also gain insight and knowledge on what it takes to run a successful business through competition research, strategic planning, diversity and how to turn nothing into something.

Each level of graduation entails a demonstration of abilities in regards to training and customer interaction/instruction. Students will also pick a location of interest anywhere around the country and complete a research project/business plan for that particular area. Addition graduation requirements can be found within the individual course description.

We challenge you find another course that offers the diversity, length of education and competitive pricing structure that our courses deliver. Our staff has more experience and has titled more dogs in a more venues than almost any school out there. Class numbers are kept small, as your canine education is priority one.


Comprehensive Dog Trainer Program

  • Course Length: 22 Weeks
  • Course Attendance Cost: $12,500
  • More Info Coming Soon!

Professional Dog Trainer Program

  • Course Length: 16 Weeks
  • Course Prerequisite: Comprehensive Dog Trainer Program
  • Course Attendance Cost: $6,000.00
  • More Info Coming Soon!

Master Dog Trainer Program (Invite Only)

  • Course Legnth: 50 Weeks
  • Course Prerequisite: Comprehensive Dog Trainer Program
  • Course Attendance Cost: $4,000.00
  • More Info Coming Soon!

The U.S. Department of Labor projects growth for Animal Trainer jobs from 2012 to 2022 and reports it will be faster than the average for all occupations. $73 billion in Pet sales was estimated for 2014. Join the growing Pet Services industry and get paid to live your dream.

Some pricing from our competitors.

  • 6 week Master Trainer Course – $8,250.00 That’s a weekly cost of $1375.00
  • 8 week Canine Training Specialist Program – $7,795.00 That’s a weekly cost of $974.38
  • 12 week Canine Training and Behavior Specialist Program – $9,795.00 That’s a weekly cost of $816.25
  • 16 week Professional Dog Trainer Program – $13,475 That’s a weekly cost of $842.19

Von Der King School for Dog Trainers 

22 week Comprehensive Dog Trainer Program – $12,500 That’s a weekly cost of $568.19

Better Training, Better Dogs, Better Education for less!


Police, Military, Sport and Personal Protection Decoy School

The VDK Decoy School is designed for the green decoy to the seasoned one. Our course will cover multiple topics leaving you, your team, your club, your venue with the ability to improve your dogs skills every training session. This course will introduce the student to all areas of decoy work and expanded upon previous skills learned. From the proper way to administer an exposed sleeve bite (upper and lower body), to absorbing during impact while wearing a suit. This course will also cover Targets of Opportunity and piratical applications of such.

Areas of Instruction

  • Prey/Hunt/Defense/Fight (Drives)
  • Proper Training Gear for K9
  • Proper Training Gear for Decoy
  • K9 Gripping
  • Targets of Opportunity
  • Absorption Techniques
  • Exposed Sleeve: Ambidextrous vs Hardarm
  • Body Bite Suit
  • Hidden Sleeve
  • Muzzle Fighting
  • Recognizing Handler Conflict Issues


Courses are typically taught in the spring and summer months.

Please contact vonderking@gmail.com with any questions!

*Note: All pricing subject to change*