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Thank you for your interested in our Group Obedience Classes! Due to our current Law Enforcement contracts Von Der King Kennels and Training is NOT currently offering Group Obedience Classes. We would like to thank all of our loyal customers over the past 10 years. We ARE currently only offering a limited number of dogs for Lodge and Learn training.

Please call or email to schedule your dog!

 “Dog Training Is NOT Breed Specific, It IS Drive and Motivation Specific.”™

Here at Von Der King Kennels and Training we believe in the balanced approach to dog training. We implement a reward based marker system to reward desired behaviors and show the handler how to properly and effectively use food and toy reward. A system of Positive Punishment is also put into place to deter negative behaviors and to develop impulse control within your canine friend. Unlike most trainers, Von Der King is able to effectively use and apply all aspects of Operant Conditioning and Classic Conditioning. Von Der King Kennels and Training offers a wide range of training services for and your canine. Our training sessions, even group classes, are tailored to each individual dog and that dogs specific needs to help you achieve your desired outcome. Private lessons can be done at our training facility or in the comfort of your home or business. Whatever your training need is, we have you covered. We encourage all potential clients to come watch some of our obedience classes or more advanced training sessions.

Von Der King is your premier Kennel and Training Service Provider – “Experience The Difference”™

**All Prices Subject to Change**

Obedience Classes

Obedience training is essential to having a successful relationship between you and your beloved pet.  Clear and concise communication is the foundation for everday life and living. Here at Von Der King, we are able to tailor obedience sessions to your liking, anything from the most basic of obedience and house manners, to the more advanced K9 companion. Using motivational rewards and corrections, your pet will learn quickly and adequately. Please feel free to contact me for an evaluation and/or recommendation for beginning your next steps towards a happy healthy relationship!

Marker Systems and Luring 101 (2 Day Course) – $95.00

  • Roman Luring 2What is a Marker System
  • Motivation/Drive Building
  • Implementation
  • How to Lure
  • Luring Drills
  • Touch Pads
  • Manipulating Food Drive
  • Great for young puppies!
  • Great foundation class for all VDK Courses

Coming When Called (6wks) – $125.00

  • Motivational Recall Class
  • Medium to Heavy Distractions
  • Class held in a Retail Store
  • Handler Education and Problem Solving for Recalls
  • How to apply Social Pressure if needed

Young Dog Obedience Level 1 – (6wks) – $125.00

  • Designed for dogs 6 months and under
  • Development of a food based Marker SystemFebruary 2016 Young Dog Level 1 Part B Left
  • Focus
  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Recalls
  • Low to Medium Distractions

Young Dog Obedience Level 2 –  (6wks) – $125.00

  • Designed for dogs 6 months and under
  • Must complete Level 1February 2016 Young Dog Level 2
  • Greater emphasis on focus
  • Review of Marker Systems and application
  • Focus Drills
  • Heel, Sit, Down
  • Touch Pads/Place Command
  • Stay with Touch Pad
  • Recalls
  • Low to Medium Distractions

Basic Obedience (6wks) – $125.00

  • Designed for dogs 6 months and olderBasic Obedience March 2014
  • Marker System Based Training
  • Application of Rewards
  • Heel on Leash
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Recall
  • Low to Medium Distractions
  • Handler/K9 Relationship Development

Intermediate Obedience (6wks) – $135.00

  • Application of Rewards and Marker Based Training June 2013 - 1
  • Greater Emphasis on Distractions
  • Introduction to Off Leash Heeling
  • Proofing the Sit
  • Proofing the Down
  • Proofing the Stay
  • Challenging Recalls
  • Medium to Heavy Distractions
  • Handler/K9 Relationship Development

Advanced Obedience (6wks) – $145.00

  • Application of Rewards and Marker Based TrainingFebruary 2016 Advanced Rally Hybrid
  • Off Leash Heeling
  • Proofing the Sit
  • Proofing the Down
  • Proofing the Stay
  • Challenging Recalls
  • Heavy Distractions / Variable Environments
  • Handler / K9 Relationship Development

Touch Pads Level 1 (4wks) – $105.00

  • Must Complete Young Dog Level 2 or Basic Obedience
  • Learn the Possibilities of this Training Aid
  • Stays with a Touch Pad
  • Rear End Awareness Drills
  • Proper Left Turns
  • Foundation for Circus Class Drills
  • Foundation for Sport Work

Touch Pads Level 2 (4wks) – $105.00

  • Must complete Touch Pads Level 1
  • Review of Level 1 Topics
  • Proper Positions on Touch Pad
  • Increased Precision and Awareness

*Note: Von Der King Basic Obedience classes are challenging. Our Basic Obedience classes cover topics and distractions that most trainers apply in their Intermediate to Advanced Classes. With that said, we will tailor the class to the dogs we have and the handlers we have.  Individuals will receive one on one attention throughout the class.

Canine Good Citizen – Prep Class

“Responsible Owners, Well-Mannered Dogs.The AKC’s Canine Good Citizen program is recognized as the gold standard for dog behavior. In CGC, dogs who pass the 10 step CGC test can earn a certificate and/or the official AKC CGC title. Dogs with the CGC title have the suffix, “CGC” after their names.” – AKC CGC
CGC copy

Classes are 6 weeks long, at a cost of $150 per handler/dog team.

* Prior completion of a 6 week group obedience class required.

* Didn’t do your obedience class here at Von Der King, No Problem! Call me for a Free Evaluation to make sure this course is for you!

Guaranteed to PASS! Call or Email for rules and limitations.


Socialized Pet Obedience Test – Prep Class

“The SPOT program was developed to reward one’s everyday life with dogs. It is important that not only dogs, but their owners as well, set an example for responsible dog ownership in our modern world of increasingly urban and crowded environments.

Learning appropriate behavior while on leash and in the presence of other dogs, and learning basic obedience skills are essential for dog ownership today. The SPOT test consists of 10 separate stations. At each station the dog must perform a basic exercise. These exercises are used to demonstrate that the dog is capable of exhibiting desired behaviors that the general public would expect to see in a well-behaved dog.” – UKC SPOT

  1. Walking on a Loose Leash Through a Designated Pattern
  2. Leave It
  3. Doorway Manners
  4. Loading and Unloading
  5. Moving Dog Distraction
  6. Manners with Distraction
  7. Greeting an Approaching Stranger
  8. Sit and Down on Command
  9. Grooming Exam
  10. Stay in Place and Come on Command

Classes are 6 weeks long, at a cost of $150 per handler/dog team.

* Prior completion of a 6 week group obedience class required.

* Didn’t do your obedience class here at Von Der King, No Problem! Call me for a Free Evaluation to make sure this course is for you!

Guaranteed to PASS! Call or Email for rules and limitations.

Freedom Collar – Remote Training System 

Here is a very exciting class! This course will cover proper use of a remote trainer and how to implement it into your dogs balanced foundation of rewards and corrections. All dogs must have completed Basic and Intermediate Obedience with Von Der King Kennels and Training or must have instructor approval. VDK is proud to be the only full service training facility to offer this course in the Mid Michigan area. Please do not bring your dog the first week.

 This course will cover-

  • Selecting a remote trainer
  • Fitting a remote trainer
  • Selecting levels of stimulation
  • Proper use and effectiveness of a remote training system.
  • How to introduce and pair the remote trainer
  • Myths regarding remote trainers

Course runs 6 weeks and costs $150.00 – 4 dog limit, no exceptions.


Looking to compete in Rally! This class is for you! This class is designed to help you understand the signs and how to read them, including orientation to the signs and what an actually event course will look like.

Rally 1 – 6 weeks $145.00 Limit 8 dogs



Want to do something fun that will build both confidence and handler trust! Try our agility class! These fun, fast paced classes will be an exciting mental and physical workout for your best friend! Basic Obedience is required to participate.

Agility 1 – 6 weeks $135.00 Limit 8 dogs

  • Dog WalkApril 2014 Agility Graduates
  • Teeter
  • Sway Plank
  • Pause Table
  • Hoop Jump
  • Tunnel
  • Chute
  • Weave Poles
  • Confidence
  • Rear End Awareness

Agility 2 – 6 weeks $135.00 Limit 8 dogs

  • Greater Course Variation
  • Higher Jump Heights
  • Handling Skills
  • Prepairing for the Ring
  • Cross Overs
  • Off Leash Foundation

Drop in Agility

  • $25.00 Per session
  • Must purchase 10 prepaid sessions
  • Basic Obedience Required
  • Agility 2 Required


Circus Tricks!

Here is a fun class for dogs of all ages including puppies! In our Circus Classes you and your k9 friend will useful tricks and fun tricks to entertain friends and family. Von Der King Basic Obedience class required; Intermediate Obedience and Marker Systems and Luring 101 HIGHLY recommended.

Circus Class Level 1 – 6 weeks $125.00

  • Marker Systems and Luring
  • Touch Pads
  • Target Sticks
  • Place
  • Extended Stay
  • Various Tricks
  • Class Size Limited to 8

Circus Class Level 2 – 6 weeks $135.00

  • Available to those who have completed Circus Class Level 1 and have grasped the Symmetrical Foundation
  • Dogs will learn how to work away from the handler
  • Dogs will practice syncopated group drills
  • Trick repertoire is expanded
  • Class Size Limited to 8

Circus Class Level 3 – 6 weeks $145.00

  • Agility
  • Stunts
  • Synchronized Behaviors
  • Get Creative Bring a Costume!
  • Photo Shoots!



K9 Nose-Work is the newest and fastest growing competitive dog sport! This fun and challenging scent detection program encourages dogs to develop their natural scent-directed hunt drive. Owners and K9s are able to learn and practice scent detection similar to Law Enforcement and Military Working Dogs. Your K9 will learn to harness his natural hunt drive abilities and learn to detect target odors of Birch, Anise, Vetiver, Myrrh and Clove. These Odors will be hidden in containers, vehicles, interior spaces and outdoor spaces. Handlers will learn how to observe their K9 and learn how to recognize change in behavior as their dog searches for and finds the target odor. Check out

No prerequisites required for this class; any age dog can start.

Dogs NEED to be Hungry at these classes. DO NOT feed before class.  Ball Drive is desired, however not required.

April 2014 Nosework Graduates

Level 1 – An Intro to Nose work!  In this class k9s will learn to detect the target odors and learn a Passive Response as an indication.

Class Runs 6 weeks and Costs $109.00

Level 2 – The Wall! In this class handlers and k9s will learn searching patterns and points of interest in an enclosed environment.

Class Runs 6 weeks and Costs $109.00

Level 3 – Exterior and Vehicles! In this class handlers and K9s will learn to search Exterior areas and Vehicles!

Class Runs 6 weeks and Costs $109.00

Level 4 – The real world! This class will be held at Tractor Supply! We will be hiding odor in real world areas with lots of distractions!

Class Runs 6 weeks and Costs $109.00


Personal Protection / Executive Protection

Looking for a good way to protect you and your family? A Personal Protection K9 may just be the answer. While there are many other ways of protecting your home, vehicle, boat or other property, a K9 is the only one Defensive Weapon that CANNOT be used against you. A fully trained K9 can provide you a level of security unmatched by many modern devices, arming you with a less than lethal mode of protection that is on duty 24/7.

Please visit our Personal Protection Page found HERE  

Fully Trained Executive Protection K9s click HERE 

VKD PP Class w Background


Training Commands





Heel Fuss
Au pied
(kno zay)
Volg / Rechts
(left / right)
Sit Sitz
(said nee)
Stay Bleib
Zustan Blijf
Down Platz Coucher
(leh nee)
Af /
Come /
(hee er)
(e see) /
Ke mne
(khemn yea)
Stand Steh
Retrieve /
Aport Apport
Jump Hopp Saute
(soot) /
Go Out Voraus
(for owss)
En Avant
(va porshed)
Track Such
Stopa Keuring /
Guard Pass auf /
Pozor Bewaken
Bite Packen /
Attaque /
Out /
Let Go
(alt) /
Los /
Speak /
Gib Laut
(ah-bwaa) /
(blauffen) /
Narcotics /
Rauschgift Drogue Hledej oznac
Staan Staan Staan Staan Staan
Find narcotics Such Rauschgift   Drogy  
Building /
Blind Search
Voran /
Kennel /
Zwinger /
Chenil Kotec Hok /
Go Outside Geh Raus /
Geh Draussen
Dehors Jdi ven Naar Buiten
Go Ahead Geh rein
(gay rine)
Monte /
Pojd sem Ga de in
What is going on? Was ist los? Qu’est ce qui
ce passe?
Co je to?  
So ist brav Bon Garcon Hodny Braaf /
(correction word)
Non /
Mauvais /
Don’t do
Lass das
Ne fais
pas ca
Okay In Ordnung D’accord Vyborne S taan
Eat food Nimm Futter Mange Vem si  
Helper /
Stand Still
Bleiben Ruhig /
Steht Noch
Toi, ne bouge pas Ruche vzhuru  
Article Search Such Verloren Recherche
Hledej Oznac Zoek
Leave it Lass es Laisse /
Pas Touche

Nech to Los