“F” Litter

Van Leeuwen’s Bor

Van Leeuwen’s Bor x CH Avan Smithaus VONDERKINGS Diva

Von Der King is excited to announce the planned breeding of Bor and Diva! Bor is an import from Dick and Selen Van Leeuwen, and was originally trained for KNPV.  Bor is a substantial male with an athletic powerful build and a massive head.  Bor is confident, stable, and has exceptional drives and one heck of a fight drive. Bor is also a Certified Dual Purpose Police K9 in the state of West Virginia.  Diva is a bitch with extremely high food, prey, hunt, and fight drives. She is very fast, and athletic, clearing jumps with ease. Diva has a stable personality, affectionate to her handler, however doesn’t really have a desire to interact with everyone she comes in contact with.
This cross should deliver active outgoing puppies with a strong desire to work.  This is not a couch potato litter, nor a couch potato breed.  I am also not expecting this to be an overly sporty cross. These puppies will be suitable for Police K9, Security, Sport, Personal Protection, and other working venues.

Bor’s Pedigree

***Did I mention Bor is out of the famous Wibo Van Leeuwen!***

Puppies were born February 16, 2013. To be notified of further Dutch Shepherd breeding plans contact us at vonderking@gmail.com You can also choose to be placed on our waiting list.