Explosives Detection

Detection Training Services

Von Der King Kennels and Training specializes in target odor detection. Our advanced system of teaching your dog to find specific target odors (Explosives) will not only increase your percent of successful finds, but will also reduce the liability to your department or private sector security company. Our L-RAP Odor Training System™ was created by us after extensive hours of research and development.  The modern approach our L-RAP Odor Training System™ brings, will guarantee you successful finds on the street and bullet proof training logs for the courtroom.

With today’s ever evolving terror threats, paired with the ever growing use of mobile terror assists such as the so called underwear bomber, shoe bomber, back pack insertion and more, there is a growing need for a better type of non discriminatory/non invasive screening techniques. Introducing our High Density Population Screening K9s (HDPS). Classically Explosive Detection Dogs would inspect and target inanimate objects such as trash cans, vehicles, luggage, etc. Our HDPS K9s will not only inspect inanimate objects, but will also work suspended air particles left by human odor plumes. Pair our L-RAP OTS with our industry leading High Density Population Screening (HDPS) training system and you will have one of the most advanced detection K9s in the world.

Imagine securing your event with our non invasive k9s discreetly patrolling all points of entry, main corridors, check-points and more. This is now a reality with one of our HDPS K9s! 

HDPS K9 Advantages

  • Discreet
  • Noninvasive
  • Uniquely suited to screen a large venue
  • HDPS K9s are always “on”
  • Highly effective in urban environments
  • Ability to screen high pedestrian areas/events
  • Airborne detection
  • HDPS K9s are highly mobile

Videos Coming Soon. Email vonderking@gmail.com for more information. 


  • Non HDPS Explosives Detection Dog – $6,500.00
  • HDPS Explosives Detection Dog – $11,500.00
  • Yearly Maintenance Training Package – $2500/$3500

Note: Pricing subject to change, based on quality of dog provided, specialized detection environment and any other extenuating circumstance.