Detection Services

Von Der King Kennels and Training – K9 Security for your modern demands

Von Der King provides contract K9 Teams that provide an effective deterrence for unlawful activities and substances at large scale; high profile venues. Our K9 Teams perform at high profile, heavy pedestrian-flow events, schools, prisons, shopping centers, event centers, concerts and more. VDK canines possess a natural biological sensor, far surpassing modern detection technology. Providing a safer, highly efficient way to detect explosives and safeguarding life. VDK provides canine services throughout the United States.

Breeds Utilized

German Shepherd – Dutch Shepherd – Belgian Malinois – Labrador Retriever – German Shorthaired Pointer – Springer Spaniel

Past Performance and Past/Current Clientele

Prudential Security

AF Services (Working in accordance with)

Nighthawk Security Group

Lions Club Intentional Meeting – 2017


Explosives K9 Detection Teams

VDK Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) teams provide a powerful visual and physiological deterrent against criminal and terrorist threats. Our Classic EDD teams are an extremely effective tool at detecting explosive materials. EDD teams can be easily deployed and moved around all areas of your event; unlike a fixed piece of equipment. VDK People Screening EDD Teams provide protection against would be mobile terrorist assets. Pairing our Classic EDD and our People Screening EDD Teams will provide you the safest most secure event possible.

Narcotic K9 Detection Teams

VDK Narcotic Detection Teams perform for you, where you need them most. Our Teams are discreet and professional, operating at your place of business, residence, school, complex and much more. Each team is trained to detect hidden and trace amounts of illicit drugs.

These drugs include:

  • Heroine
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuanna
  • Methamphetamine, including derivatives
  • MDMA

Special Purpose / Contraband K9 Detection Teams

Special Purpose and Contraband K9 Detection Teams detect what you need found. These teams will perform in an array of environments and will detect a multitude of items.

  • Cell Phone
  • Curreny
  • Weapons
  • Bed Bugs
  • Illicit Contraband
  • Cargo
  • Mold



DUNS: 052137443

NAICS: 112990,561210, 561612, 812910

PSC: H188, H288, H988, J088, K088, L088, N088, W088, 8820