Community Enrichment

Von Der King Kennels and Training is proud to support the diverse residence and amazing communities of which we reside. Our dedication to the people and their safety drives us to help provide low or no cost Police K9s and training equipment to municipalities around the state. Furthermore we are dedicated at providing affordable training for rescue organizations and people with disabilities, especially those from our Armed Forces that suffer from PTSD.

Please help us support these noble causes by generously donating. Each donation has a direct and lasting impact within our local community. Your dollars earned in Michigan, support Michigan.


Current Campaigns

 None at this time. 


Successful Support!

Highland Park Police Department

  • Starting in 2016 Team VDK set out on a quest to train and fund a new Police K9 for HPPD. After a year of hard work filled with training and fund raising, we are proud to say HPPD has their new K9, Trexx!

Livingston County Sheriff Department K9 Handler J. Krysan!

  • In the fall of 2015 during general conversation with VDK friend J. Krysan, he expressed the need for a new bite suit. As a decoy myself I know how taxing it can be to work biting dogs in certain suits that can have short comings in mobility and/or protection. The team at VDK took it upon themselves to raise the money to purchase a new bite suit. We are proud of this success story and thankful to all the generous donations that made this a reality.

PTSD Service Dog Recon! 

  • In 2015 Shelly Rivera reached to Von Der King Kennels and Training expressing her need for a new Service Dog. Shelly expressed to VDK that money was a little tight as she was having problems with the VA. The team at VDK quickly worked out an affordable purchase price for Recon and his Service Dog training. Another success story we are proud of!

Mobility Support Dog Nemoke!

  • In 2014 Michelle Rouleau came to Von Der King Kennels and Training needing a puppy that could be trained for Mobility Support. We quickly paired Michelle with Nemoke, a puppy from our 2014 Atlas x Diva litter. Quickly Michelles need for Mobility Support was apparent. VDK has provided the training necessary for Nemoke to aid Michelle at a very affordable rate. Nemoke continues to polish and maintain his skills ,through our Service Dog Program, to this very day!

Highland Park Police K9 Kilo!

  • In 2014 Highland Park PD came to Von Der King Kennels and Training in search of a Drug Detection and Tracking K9. HPPD decided to purchase K9 Kilo. The late Kilo was out of our F Litter, which notably has produced Mesa AZ Police K9 Elvis, Ohio Police K9 Rico, VDK French Ring dog Karma and VDK superstar Bane. VDK proudly donated the detection training Kilo received, leaving just the initial puppy purchase price to be paid. In early 2015 K9 Kilo escaped from his kennel and unfortunately was killed. The original news report can be found HERE.