Bane Holly Wow

CH Loup Garou Von Der King BH, Certified NDD, URO1

If you look up the word “Intense” in the dictionary, you might just see Banes picture next to it.  Extreme is not word I often like to use in relation to describing our dogs, as it is often over used in the dog world, however I think that word fits the description of Bane very well.  If you’re looking for a dog that brings extreme intensity to nearly every drive possible, Bane is for you.  Bane goes back to some very nice Van Leeuwen lines including Van Leeuwens Bor, Wibo van Leeuwen, Rocky van Leeuwen and Robbie van Leeuwen. Banes pedigree doesn’t stop their either, with dogs such as Tommy Luijken, Arras Pegge, Pecco Pegge, Leiru and Dana Von Kelterhof to name a few.

Currently Bane is a Narcotics Detection Dog for VDK; along with being a Demo Police Dog for VDK Law Enforcement. Bane will also be competing in IPO.

Bane BH Summer 2016 – Video Click HERE

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